paint program or plugin

Hi i need a paint program that will let me paint textures on to other textures.

start with a dirt texture then paint a rock texture over it then some grass. then save it.

something like the unity texture painter.

Gimp is free
Photoshop is another option but not free…

i use gimp but i want to be able to use a ground texture and tile it/ paint it but i don’t know how.

That doesnt mean that the program cant do it…
Use another layer with a lower opacity. I cant think of a tutorial to link to but just search online.

Gimp can do it…

use layers and the “clone stamp” tool.
set the clone stamp tool to “pattern”
save your rock texture as a .pat and import the “pattern” you want to paint.

make sure to save the pattern file into the gimp pattern folder,
then refresh the patterns with the arrow buttons.

You can do it with Gimp by making brushes like the pepper brush. Lately I’ve been thinking of what it might take to bring about a texture stamp repo to help modders with making megatextures in Id Tech 5. Maybe you could make brushes out of stamps too.

thanks, i haven’t used that stamp tool in ages and forgot about it.