Paint running down the sides


I’m quite new to 3D modeling and animations but I’ve got the basic hang of it.
I have a scene where I have a paint bucket where I want some paint running down the sides of the bucket so I’ve played around with the fluid simulation. Although, I’m really struggling to get some results…

What I am after is to get the fluid to “stain”, to leave marks and behave as a slow running, thick, fluid. But I have no idea how to get the fluid to “stain”, and the fluid is more like a lumpy mass that really doesn’t look or act like paint… :slight_smile:

So, anyone got any tips how to get the results I’m after?

Thanks a bunch!

What I’ve got:

You could use the fluid sim for the paint drops, and use dynamic paint for the stain.

Look here what you can do with dynamic paint and how to do it: