Is there a way that I can just paint something on a surface instead of making a whole new shape just to have a different color?

If you want to make differant faces of a mesh differant colours take a look at multiple materials tutorial
If you actually want to paint a model take a look at uv mapping tutorial

also, vertex painting is simple to do as well; one step up from Multiple Materials and one step below UV mapping.

Thanks, I will take a look at these tutorials. And for future reference, what is UV mapping?

try searching the forum.I searched google but couldn find anythin really specific for you.

ARRGGHH. Ok, I looked at the tutorial,Roger. Then after I have painted, and I look at the render, everything I painted on is just invisivle. Why is this???

In the material pane you need to switch on vcol paint to make it show in render

Vcol is on, but it is still invisible.:frowning:

dunno man, maybe it got hungry and left. there’s like a thousand things that could be wrong; like it’s not on a renderlayer or sumptin. try posting the file and one or more of us will take a look at it. Invisible is like you cannot see it at all, so that tells me the camera is not pointing at it, or the base material is transparent…

is this all for the penguin your making?

Yes.:slight_smile: , Ninja Penguin.Are you from the Linux Forums? Or did I mention that I was making a penguin?

nah i saw it in the modelling section…

So how do I post the file so one or more of you can look at it?
And by the way, I know that the camera is in the right place. I can see everything around it but just not it.

i think you should use this:
there was this article on blender nation bout this other one.But i forgot the link.

Ok here is the File:
Thank you for your help.
Oh Yeah…And here is a Render of his hair. Could you give me any suggestions that you think would make it look better?

Your blend file , when trying to load it into blender comes up with an error - file incomplete. your file only has 32 kb if you save the default start up of a box light and camera thats 93 kb. i think it may be a problem with downloading the file from that site for me.

ok finally got it to download correctly
You have got the alpha of the penguin body set to zero in the materials pane, which makes it transparent and also you have also you have the only shad button switched on in the material shaders panel which renders shadow only.

THANK YOU!:slight_smile: Thanks a million.