Painted aluminium

For the window frame the ideia was to recreate an coated aluminium frame. Whats the better way?!
I tried out the principe BSDF.

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What’s the real world counterpart look like? Sheets of aluminium tend to have a brushed appearance, meaning anisotropy with UV based tangents.

The ideia was to recreat something like this. It maybe other light alloy, but is quiet commun nowadays in Portugal.

do you mean the painted alumimum window?

that would be just a simple more or less glossy paint and not metal aluminum!

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yes, the painted window, perapse I presented wrongly the question. :sweat_smile:

By the way tanks,

one way just add a principle shader and set color
with some glossy but not too much

and it should already be close to a normal paint

unless you want to add some 3d texture to it !

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Tanks…I’m trying to create scenes to work in realistic feel, and look. The last render that I did took almost 10h (in cycles 2000 samples)

do you need 2000 samples ?
i mean you have a big video card then should be faster

otherwise do it with less samples
and just the denoise function t will still give a nice render

show us your nodes set up

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My desktop is out of commission. Than I been using my laptop, and for what I understood it dont have one, or the one it got is build in, if I’m not mistaken is AMD.

for small laptop then make sample much lower may be 200 or 300
so will be much faster then 2000 LOL

happy bl

Will give it a run…

Agreed, if it is painted with an opaque paint, you only deal with the paint, not the aluminium.
If there are recesses and bumps in the aluminium, you may want to let the paint inherit some of that.
It’s just a principled shader. Look up the color it has and match it to a PBR cheat sheet to map it to a plausible range for white paint. I’m not seeing any orange peel, so I would ignore bumps. For roughness, it’s impossible to judge from the picture, but I would light up a lighter and see how the reflections behave and match roughness with that.
Ignore what I said about anisotropy.

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Thanks for the advise, I been apart from blender quiet a time… and now it seems all new. Now I’m testing and trying to understand. The shaders, de texturing and all the possibilities.

i was gonna say the same thing , i have an i5 laptop with a nvidia 920m in it , not very good laptop in other words , but i was able to get good renders without going for that crazy samples number, there’s a video by blender guru talking about cutting down render times , you should watch it , it was very helpful to me , and i never used over 512 samples lol, ^^ its about the settings and not the samples number :wink:

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