Painted render with nodes.

Found an old .blend file that I was working on to squeeze a new painterly look using the compositor about a year ago.
Glad I didn’t lose It.
Tweak it a bit more and here is what I got so far.

Updated with canvas texture.


wonderful !
how did you done that ?

Thank you.
I used a nodes compositor with displacement node,noise texture, and a grunge texture I found on net.
Will post up the set up if anyone is interested.

Thanks for sharing the node set up.

Not bad for a start.
Looks more like the painting with polygons technique.
If you turn up your displacement more and add some canvas or paper textures to blend in with the image, you can push this even further.
It’s all about having almost no photo real CG look at all to the image. I’ve been trying to get a more of a impressionism look to one I posted.

Ronin, I would really love to see howyadunit!

Glad to see a few folks are interested.
Here is a link to a quick tutorial I cooked up.

A painterly look with the Blender compositor

Thanks for the tut! I would love to to animate something and render it with this look… oh well, perhaps someday…

Anyway, great node setups, thanks for sharing!

No problem.
I like seeing what other folks can come up doing this their own way.
Give the the animation a shot.I think it can work, but I’ve only done a 5 second 360 spin test.

A quick Halloween render:)