Painted with mirror modifier, uv image stays half painted after applying


I’m quite new to blender and I just tried my hand at texture painting a horse on a uv image. I thought, let’s use the mirror modifier (without deleting the other half because iI figured, Yeay, it works just fine like this, let’s not delete the other half then!) (and also yes, stupid, I know there is an mirror paint option but ofcourse I forgot about that one and just went with the mirror modifier :frowning: ). I was satisfied with my painting and applied the mirror modifier, to find out that only half the uv image is painted. As you can see on the image I attached I can also only select half the horses islands. Although, I was wondering… is there a way to save my mistakes and still copy somehow the other half of the image?

I’m probably too late for this but the mirror modifier always mirrors everything, meaning that if you left the unpainted half and applied the modifier you probably now have double vertices. You can totaly delete the unpainted half and mirror the painted half and apply that. Just something to keep in mind: this doesn’t generate the other part of the uv, instead it uses 1 half of tit (the one you mirrored) for the whole model. This means that everything stays symmetrical.
How to do it:

Delete this part of the model
Add mirror modifier and apply (make sure you have the “merge” checkbox checked)
It should mirror the texture

Thank you so much! I ended up editing it in Photoshop, and that fixed it for then, but this is obviously the better solution for future models! Thanks!