painter coloring test


it’s just a test I’ve made :

model amapi, render (only in greyscale) blender, coloring and details painter.

It’s just a really quickly made test so don’t look too much in details but I’m training to find a style to create a comic style mixing 2D & 3D. I make a lot a small tests and I’ve made a full character too have an idea of what it will look and ho much time will it takes to create comic pages.

CeD -

Looks pretty damn good :smiley:

I’d hate to be in a place where those clothes work as camouflage though :wink:

  1. pofo

That looks really cool.

Hey… it could just be the basic working colors. Ever see a sailor in dungarees (blue), a cheif or officer in khakis (khaki), and a pilot in their flightsuit (olive)? Those three colors wouldn’t blend together anywhere, but you’ll see them all over walking around inside a US aircraft carrier. My dad’s been in the military for almost 20 years now (he joined some time after I was born), and I think that entire time he’s only worn cammies one day, and then I think only because he lost a bet.


lol… I just remembered I had to show him how the leg rubbers worked… I was in JROTC, and we wore them for the rifle team. Leg rubbers (may not be the right name, it’s been a while) are like rubber bands you put around your ankles, and the cuffs of the pants roll underneath them. Also, our neighbor (a Marine) had to show him how to fold the cuffs. Wore them once, then wen’t back to his khakis.


I like it a lot. Great work!

However, it too me 4 tries to get the page to work properly. Got 404 erros the first 3 times.


But how much time did the modifications in painter take?

wow, great idea and an even better piece of art. has a very unique style, i like it!


broken link =( cant see it

They are called “BootBands” and when used, the correct term is, “Blousing your boots”. Though I must say BootBands have a great many uses other than what they were intended…

The NDN…

Better link for those who have trouble seing the picture :

It tooks me about 1 hour and a half to make the color and texture part of this character. (wacom rulez !)


blousing rubbers… that’s what we called them. Thanks!

Yeah… lots of things have many uses. You know the shirt stays? For those who don’t, they’re essentially elastic bands which clip from the bottom of your shirt to the top of your socks, keeps your shirt tucked in, and keeps your socks up… we always used them on our bedcovers to keep them from coming up. It started out with my parent’s waterbed, since waterbed covers don’t have elastic, they slide around a lot, and it’s a pain to tuck under all the edges of the bladder. Now they actually market them as bedcover stays too.


I love the style. I had an idea to do a similar thing, but I never actually finished painting it. Originally I was going to make pictures of a moose (along with some other Maine wildlife) to sell at a local anual event. I ran out of time before I could finish even one of them … I really didn’t have much motivation in making them.