Painter loft

(3dmedieval) #21

Very beautiful! This painter must be extremely successful. Nice loft space. Very expensive live/work set up!

(Dimitar) #22

Great work! Curious about the production timeframe.

(Zeekar) #23

The only critical observation I have of any of your work is that in the apple scene, the apples are not resting according to physics.

Unless someone carefully balanced them and they have awkward centers of mass, they would just tip over and come to rest on their flattest areas. They kind of remind me of those strange standing desert rocks.

And yes, their materials could perhaps use some work, but otherwise this is all masterpiece quality.

(jakchit) #24

these are all beautiful. I especially like the electric chair with the crown

(model man) #25

Great Work! Congratulations on the top row!

(NRK) #26

ummmm they put wax on apples, it would be a crit to say they don’t look waxy… anyway if I every a get a few more lifetimes I would put the time into something like this… wow amazing…

wireframes… …please?

(TS1234) #27

no, no…
this are photos… :slight_smile:

can you create such renderings with cycles?
or is octane magic tool?

(VickyM72) #28

Brilliant as usual, and congrats on the Top Row! :smiley:

(Craig Jones) #29

Beautiful work, and the attention to detail you take always impresses. Top Row, 9000 stars, and the illusion that this is real life is uncanny!

(doris) #30

5* from me too, (i had given 9000 too, if i knew how) ,wonderful, realistic, inspiring, so many things to look at…i would like to live and work in this loft! congratulations!

(crazychristina) #31

Excellent work, very inspiring.

(shkmhd) #32

awesome Work !!! Namichu

(Akuattro) #33

Awesome work! i like the modeling, the fantastic texturing, the lighting and the view composition… also furnishings style you used.
If you can, i have few questions about blender for achitecture:
when you create a model with so many views you have to model everythings;

  • you model all in one blend file?
  • you create a scene with the assets and then link them as group?
  • you create a file for each asset and then link them?
  • you create a scene/file for ech view or there is an animated camera? or again a camera for each view?


(enricoceric) #34

Thanks to everyone, much appreciate the kind comments,

I updated the top post to answer to some of your questions.

Regarding the apples, indeed they have a waxy look, I have one in front of me and unless they are washed, they have this unatural look, probably due to all the chimical products used to keep them :wink:

The electric chair comes from a project I made some times ago when I was beta tester for VRay, you can see it here if you don’t have problem with black houmour :

(ex-nihilo) #35

Surperb job. I really enjoyed it.

(Remade) #36

fantastic,difficult to say something which matches the quality of work! does, DL mode in octane mean Directlight without GI?

(Siebeneicher) #37

Beautiful work …
from the 5 in the toprow the painter loft series are my favourite one.

(Bonixmusic) #38

Impressive work! I really enjoy the colors or rather the lack of colors to bring out the browns. It almost looks like the floors and walls have been desaturated /B&W. A very cool and artsy look, yes still looks natural. My only complaint is now I want to live in this environment! :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing your work. I’m sure it’s inspiring to many of us here!

(lucblend) #39

Very great and impressive work Enricoceric. I really love you work and i am a big fan of you art. The only things i maby can give critique on, is that the bump on some textures looks a bit too strong in my eyes. But it is also the only thing.
Wauw and only 1 hour and 20 min for each render. Thats really fast.

(DorienVincent) #40

So… is this place up for rent or sublease?

I thought the crown on the electric chair was hilarious, also … the rest of it is just incredible. Lived in, even though it exists in your hard drive.