Painters Beach (Wide Format) (Updated)

Hey guys! Made a wide format because I love waiting 3 hours :joy:

anyways here is the wide version.

Also, for those who are wondering, the painter went to grab a snack :joy:

New Stuff!
Ok so due to this being scheduled to be featured (Thanks @bartv BTW, you have been treating me very well :blush: thank you again) I’ve done some more renders, for you guys to have a look at and here they are

Also, those last 4 renders were done with 3.0 Alpha, they recently merged Cycles X into the main branch, and wow. Normally these renders would take about 45-60 minutes to render but I got these done in 25-30 minutes,
also, for those who are wondering the render settings are:

  • 3840 x 3840 (Square)
  • 11520 x 3840 (Wide)
  • 300 Samples
  • Cycles

Though the color was not done in Blender, it was done with Photoshops Camera Raw Filter, I am working on a Patrion where I put a lot of those presets in

also I made a cool render of the canvas area, using some stuff from Megascans

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and check out the dedicated page to this artwork on my website:

Shortlist submission for Best of Blender Artists 2021 Awards


Very nice. In fact, the water looks impressive.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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is that an ian hubert asset? the beach ?

No, the only Ian Hubert assets in there are some of the rocks and the cargo ship in the distance

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Looks realistic especially the top view.

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This looks really good, and interesting idea for a 3D setup :slight_smile:
Love the shading of the assets and color correction of the final image.
Gives it a change from all the clean 3d renders often shown here.

Really like the water. image looks especially good from above.
Any special setup for the water?

The water is an interesting thing, it was done very quickly so it was wonky. But what I did is had two planes with an ocean modifier, and one was the bump and one was the volume absorption (Ocean Modifiers add depth as a calculation) it helped with working with the density and the color. anyways I used a fresnel node to control the density and some tuning with a colorramp. quite simple but super quick


This is incredible. I love the vibe from a photography perspective - you nailed this one! Great work.

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