painters loft design inspireed from jonathan w tut,

hey guys , I saw jonathan W:s finished work and wanted to try to remake it, so i wanted to give it a try before looking on the tutorial.

what do u guys think ?

chers /Johan[ATTACH=CONFIG]308976[/ATTACH]

Floor textures seems a little bit too flat to me, have you tried using displacement or bump/normal maps?

Walls are actually very clear for a painter’s loft; I would expect paintings to be hung on them as well as pictures and maybe newspapers and the sort.

Robert Banks: I’m going to take a guess and say the resident painter is a devout minimalist. (; You are right, though, the scene in general is a little bit on the plain side.

Also, the background image looks as though it is out of perspective with the rest of the scene; perhaps it’s because the bank on the other side of the bridge is visible, but it also feels like it is twisted?

for your first serious this is already quite seriously good.

The light I think is too uniform making it look CG too quickly.

hey ! ,thx alot ! : ) how do u mean to uniform ? should i have light sources from different angels ? , this is only the hdr ,

cheers mate and thx agien