Painters Voyage

Hey guys, thought I should get back to those nice artworks I commonly make, Skull art is great and all but so far ran out of ideas :rofl::rofl:

anyways, made this using some different methods, played around with Topaz Studio’s awesome impression filter and blended it in with my photoshop file to give a small painting feel, kind of like a painting in a painting. ofc following the theme of the painter who always seemingly disappears but its a cool theme to work with, thinking of making a new collection called “Painters Journey” or something like that.

What is really cool is theres this CC0 Boats account on Sketchfab, I used one of Scottish Maritime Museum’s Models to make this one.

Ok so heres some awesome info about this, the original had a post in the middle of the artwork, in some cases photoscans look a little bit too choppy, this can be fixed with the smooth tool in sculpt mode but sometimes you cant fix things, so I did a render and in photoshop I content aware fill brushed it out you can see it in the image used for the painting below:

I ended up painting it out on the main render

anyways, I have turned some of my previous stuff into a collection on my site, if you want to check it out heres a link:
I plan to do more of these in the future
also check it out on Instagram:


The first image looks amazing! It oozes kind of serenity.

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Thanks! I was going for the warm, peaceful feeling :blush:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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