painting a 3d image animation. group project.Finished.

Completed animation:

Project is painting a 3d image, and how?
The process of texture painting will be animations
of about 100 between 250 frames, alpha first, then nor…
Scene could be landscape for example.
Textures need to have simple mapping methods:
plane,cylinder and sphere.

Is anyone interested in doing the modelling for this?

i did a test and it worked out well, but it lacked alpha animation
so i do not want to post it, it was just a plane and nor was painted
during about 200frames.

Comments on idea?

Is this your WIP :o :o :o :o

Im amazed at the detail level and maybe you should turn osa on…

Or maybe YOU should model something…

Hi Enrig766
You are right, its time to start blender and mod a scene for this.
I was hoping to consentrate on the textures, but I will do both
a scene, animated textures…

Hmm maybe I get it wrong but what you want is to make a scene in 3D. And then put it in an animation and letting a brush paint it?
yeah that would be pretty cool but a bit hard to do it will be alot of right timing and excast animating you know what Im saying?
I would try to help but I dont really get what you ecaxtly want.


Here is a link to an animation.file size is about 2MB.
<Link removed>
It is in early state and only thing that will be
in the final animation that is in this sample is the airbrush model.
It shows how the textures will be painted, though this one is text being
painted on to a plane by animated alpha(avi video)

Here is first 10 seconds of the animation. Out of about a minute.
<links removed>
crits please. What has to be changed?

I modded the book since i wanted to get some animation
done. Animation to the point where the actual “3d painting
animation starts”. I noticed that objects that will be
painted should not have reflectivity neither anykind
of transparency, if there is, then animation of painting an object must be done in 2d/postpro, well that is ok for one or two objects.
If you have suggestions regarding the script let me know.
Feel free to post renders in here of the models.

Oke i get it so I made the pencil and the eraser there pretty low poly like they should both of them are like only 85 polys.


Hope you like them. Im going to make the other models soon too shouldnt be that hard.


Some screenshots of the video

awesome man looks cool. some crits and comments:

Could you let the camera zoom into that paper at the beggining and that brush it too small for the area hes painting. I mean like its a small brush but paints a big area.

When that airbrush is going up then he stops and it take a pretty long break I think you get rid of it and let is move smoothly you know?
(same about the painting of the pencil it takes too long breaks between painting each part)

And what about something on the front on the book? like an image . Maybe Airbushing for dummies or whatever although if you do that the book should be alot thicker.

There is nothing more to model I guess?


I will redo some animations and edits, changes based on the crits. Have to see about scaling the brush and so on.

Are you making the graffiti for this?
Its likely that there will be more modeling to do.

I´ll try to get a final script together and a storyboard.

That is a really nice use of blender!

I have two crits:

  1. The brush in the beginning, its bristles don’t bend. Also, no brush is used to paint like that (straight up and down) unless you’re doing chinese calligraphy. So, I’d add a bend the bristles using shape keys and maybe add a bit of variation to the angle of the brush.

  2. When the brush paints that first image, it has a patch of paint on a wall or something and then jumps, so that the entire scene becomes the next scene. It might be better if you have a plane in 3D space, and you paint an alpha onto it (the spot that the brush paints becomes alpha=0), and then you overlay that on top of the other scene in the sequence editor. That way you can have a pretty seamless go between the two scenes.

Good luck! Keep working. :slight_smile:

Thanks for comments. I redid the first shot so that bristles bend,
did it with armature. Also i got some editing done, removed frames
which were sort of extra frames but without making cuts to the animation so its still continuous.

<edit>->and redid the first shot again, now the whole plane is painted.
I will put the animation file link nowon to the first post.

Here is a link to new stuff that is perhaps temporary.

The lightbulb i got done is just a lathe and it does not have details
inside the glass, so if you have started or you are modding one,
I will redo the animation of the latest two shots.
I still did not get the brushbristles big enough.
Well now they are


The bristles look better in that animated bit in the forum, but the new AVI you uploaded is unwatchable on my mac. Please use quicktime or compress AVI’s with DivX or XViD or plain AVI Jpeg compression if you can.

hi Kattkieru
Just posted an update, codec in file is mpg1
<edit>->Now its cinepak, it definitely works on mac and
pc, filesize is large though, a bit less than 10MB.

The second lightbulb will be in the animation and
also the spraycan. Thanks.

Latest shot, well not anymore i redid the animation part
Matt modded the spraycan, the new one
is in the full video, or what is made of it anyway.

Making of a room in progress.

Codec on the video is now DivX. File size is about 5MB
and lenght 1minute and 9 seconds.Link is in the first post.

Completed animation:

Its not exactly what i said first or planned.
Not a whole scene is painted.

C&C would be nice. I maybe make some changes if
the project is critted…

I will put more screne shots in here