Painting a cube

In my struggle to learn Blender, I finally figured out how to create objects. Then I tried to figure out how to paint a cube with a different color on each face. I’ve consulted all sorts of sources but none of them seem to work. I’ve noticed, too, that those who offer answers, refer me to links that are written for earlier versions of Blender. I’m running 2.47.
Can anyone help me with coloring a cube a different color on each face?
I’ll really appreciate whatever contribution I get.:yes:

Starting with the default cube. Select it and make a new material for it. Colour it red (any colour). Next, go into edit mode (tab) for the cube. Make sure your buttons window is also in edit mode (F9). With the cube, de-select all vertices by pressing the ‘A’ key. ‘A’ key again, selects all vertices. Switch to ‘face select’ mode. Select the face you want to make a different colour. In the buttons window, to the far left, you will see a ‘new’ button (under ‘materials’, not ‘vertex groups’. Press the ‘new’ button. Then press the ‘assign’ button. This asigns a new material to your selected face. You can pick the color here also. Or if you want, press the materials button (the red Sphere icon). . You can pick the color here also. You can scroll from the original material and the selected face material here too.
That should help.
Read this if you must.

Thank-you very much for the help you gave me. Using your instructions I was finally able to apply different colors to a cube and that is a huge step forward. t\Textures come next.
Cheers! :yes: