Painting advert

I’m a house painter by trade, in the past however, I have worked in print & film output, colour seperation & trapping endless flyers, brochures etc.

Anyway, winters are slow for me still, and to promote my business, I created this in Blender.

Target printer & resolution:
greyscale 53 dot line screen laser printer. By bumping up the line screen to 65, and changing the dot to elliptical however, one can tighten up those loose dots quite nicely, without banding.

Intent & Expectation:
Hoping to attract a higher class of clientele, who are more discriminating ( i like doing faux finishes) have larger houses, and with whom I can feel comfortable working for. Also, to increase volume of work generally, during a slow time of year… what is not in the image depicted below is the caption, ‘20% off in January’, and nothing else except my name & number, and of course the purple was grey from the printer.

Results so far(placed in January): Initially they helped pick up a few new customers. I believe that the art itself attracted eyes & interest, I’ll be doing it again next year probably.

I put them up at various places myself, after all, I had the time… but winters in Canada can be so cold…!

Is this subtle advertising in the BA?

The fluid calc could use more resolution. You can see by how jagged it is, especially where it sits on the ground.

Whats BA?
At the time I had a pretty low end machine.

lol ba is blenderartists :slight_smile:

Lol Oh! sorry I’m a bit slow sometimes.
Advertising on BA? I doubt if I can actually paint anything with a real brush here ;D