painting and armatures

Hi I am trying to create a 3d model flip phone
I am very new to blender :smiley:

any ways I have two questions
Q1 I have painted part of the phone: but when I rotate the phone to the other side all I see is a hollow area and I can t seem to paint the surface.

Q2 I tried to add armatures to the phone so that I can have a flip open and close animation but the armatures dont seem to be working

please help
I have attached my file for easy understanding


flip phone 07.blend (457 KB)

wow, that’s really odd, I’ve never seen it do that before. There must be a glitch in the way blender understands your model. What you have is an odd kind of Normals problem. The faces in your microphone and ear-piece are pointing INWARDS instead of outwards. For the mouthpiece (I think, anyway, it’s the purple and red bit) you can just select all your faces and press CTRL+N.

For the ear-piece, this doesn’t work immediately, for some reason, so to clear out any problems caused by vertices being too close together/overlapping, select all the vertices in the ear-piece and use Remove Doubles (press W to bring up the menu, then just pick the command from there), then convert your mesh to quads (alt+J), then add your two edge-loops back to the outside of the model (to sharpen the edges), THEN press ctrl+N and your problem should be fixed.

EDIT: I’m not sure what’s going on with the armatures, what are the empties there for? You shouldn’t need them, from what I can see.

hi john,

Thank you for helping me with the first part

this is supposed to be a flip phone.
I am trying to animate the top part of the phone
rotate the armature “top” around the x axis and constrain the y

As I am noobie :spin: I haven’t been able to figure it out??


Something is bad wrong with the blendfile you are using, I couldn’t even rotate an object…maybe its a version thing. So I appended the objects to a new file, joined triangles on the 4 objects, removed doubles, flipped normals, and remade the cylinder part, because I couldn’t fix it. Then I parented CTRL-P the cylinder and mouthpiece to the number pad. Then created the the simple two bone armature, and parented the top bone to the bottom bone and then the number pad to it as well. (make parent> to bone not armature) Then parented the earpiece to the top bone. Move the bottom bone to move the whole phone and top bone for the flip. Sorry I lost your placeholder materials but you can append or remake. I use 2.49a :wink:

See Attached.


flip phone 07-noobed.blend (317 KB)

I played some more and noticed the top doesn’t render…is this object imported somehow?