painting and parent problem

hello to all modelers and animators,
i’m trying to weightpaint my character, it works all fine but the problem is that my head mesh is a different mesh than my body mesh. so i have two objects and i want them both to be connected on my armature. but when i trying to connect the head to the armature and give the armature-modifier the object name of the head it gives a error:
‘armature deform object must be an armature’
it won’t work.
make parent between body and head also didn’t work. or i’m doing something wrong?
can someone tels me how to solf this little issue? i’m just a beginner so you may explain/divine your answer in newbie language. :smiley:
thanks to you all!!!

What version of blender are you using,I might be wrong but im pretty sure recent versions allow you to parent an object to a bone, you might try just parenting the head object to just the head bone of your armature, Ill run a test in a sec and see what the lingo is.brb OK i just checked it out here is what you need to do… select just the armature and enter pose mode…make sure no bones are selected …now select your head object and then select the bone you want to control it …then hit control P and select parent to bone…then it should work.

This sounds like you’re doing things a bit backwards. The Armature modifier is applied to the head mesh, and then the Armature you want to control the head is specified in the OB: field of the modifier. In this way you can use a single Armature to control many separate meshes.

And make sure when parenting that you select the mesh first and then the Armature .

thank you both so mutch!!!
i have the newest version of blender and will check this out.
results will be posted at a later time…