painting bumpmaps directly on mesh

I’d like to paint bumpmaps directly on the mesh and see the effects of it. does blender have this feature, natively or through a plugin?

If not, is there any crossplatform software that does this?

Hi ,

Reserch the Multires, for sculpting …

then check out the new bake features, Control alt B, then choose normal map.

the meshes need to be UV mapped before multires is used.

Sounds like it takes a few steps outside Blender to accomplish this… Is it possible to paint the bumpmaps from within blender and see the changes on the mesh directly?

Err… what Mmph! said is entirely in Blender. To learn about multires and sculpt mode look here:
and especially here:
This will allow you to sculpt a mesh and you can use textures as brushes.

To bake the normal map for use on lower-poly models look here:

As Mmph! said, you need to UV unwrap your model first, and if you don’t know how to do this, look here:

Sure, just set up with a preview render while painting in a second window. A slight “jiggle” of the preview render window might be necessary for refreshing after painting.

I assume you already have done the UV map and texturing part first.



Hey Pappy, that’s a pretty slick tip. I’ll be using that one!

thanks pappy! wiki enhanced

I’ve got a related question: how do I import a texture to use as a brush?

In Sculpt Mode, in Editing Context>Brush Panel there are the normal Blender texture slots. Click on a different slot and either choose an existing texture or add a new one. If you chose an existing one linked to a material you edit it from that material. Otherwise, go to Shading Context>Texture Subcontext (F6) and on the Preview Panel choose brush. Your newly created texture will be there and you can edit it from there. Go back to the Brush Panel (F9) and there are options as to how the texture is used (the Drag, Tile, 3D, and Angle buttons).

awesome tips pappy, thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

PS: Papasmurf, in the wiki you mention “Open a Preview window (see 3D View Options for more info)”, but you dont mention where to find this 3D View Options…

Okay, I still haven’t figured out how to do this. This is what I’ve done so far in my try to duplicate what pappy did:

Made a cube, marked a seam, went into UV face -> selected all and unrapped to make 6 nice even faces in UV/Image editor.
in UV/Image editor i made a new image and enabled texture painting.
Went into object mode -> materials -> added new material and enabled TexFace.
Fired up preview window and dragged it over the object.

…Now, how should I paint in order to alter the normals?

bumping :o

no texface. Use a Texture Channel mapped input using UVTex, and Map To NOR with Nor slider up a little. see wiki on Textures for more info on this alternate way of using UV Textures.

Then, have the 3D view in one window, and the UV/Image Editor in another. Go into paint mode (See and if it isnt clear, let me know what is confusing and I will edit wiki).

Your texture painting on the image will show up magically in the 3D window. i hope.

ahh, that explains it! I think one of the reasons why I was so unsucessful in finding it out is because i was messing with the world buttons settings.

Thank you for explaining it! Time to make some bumpy creations now :slight_smile: