Painting circular textures

Hi Guys,

I am creating a round dias, basically a cylinder with a little outcrop at the top.
In trying to texture it, i am a little confused on the best way to get an edging of bricks around it…

Is there a method in Gimp for warping a brick texture into a circle, or should i paint it within Blender, create a 2nd UV layout where the circle is unwrapped into a straight line…
The “2nd UV layout” method seems over complicated in my mind, but perhaps im looking for a shortcut that doesnt need to exist…?

Well if you want it simple, quick, fast, no sweat, make a cube into a brick proportion, give it a bevel than Spin Duplicate.

I found that with a high enough resolution base texture, in Gimp, ‘Filters -> Distort -> Polar Coordinates’ works very well.
Thanks for the idea too :smiley: