Painting in 2d while previewing cycles render in viewport

Hello, trying to do these two things together - painting a texture in 2d view while previewing the cycles render in 3d view. Texture that i am painting in 2d is part of cycles material i am previewing. After every brush stroke cycles preview re-renders, however changes are not there… only when i save my texture, then the viewport render shows the changes.

Am I doing it wrong or the functionality of painting with live viewport render preview is not there at all? Thanks


I made a test…It work in daily build…

Btw…it’s first time I see it work without to save file first…So thank You to Devs…For a nice update…:slight_smile:


Hmm, that’s interesting, what OS are you on?
Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit here

Just tried latest daily build - not working! Anyone has any ideas how to make this work?

Kept experimenting, and this started to work as soon as image is packed into blend file. No idea how this actually affected the thing, but at least now - it works. Maybe someone could shine more light on this?

OS = windows 8.1

Did another test…Open susan go texturepaint add simple uv’s and add a paint slot… No update in render.
It start working when I add image texture and set the matriale in properties panel for susan.

Looks like it work here without saving…?

But nice to hear it work for You now…:slight_smile: