painting problem help please

Ok…I’ve tryed painting my mesh by pressing v but when i render it it’s still gray and i’ve tryed uv face select mode and all of that so if anyone could please help me figure out how i can color my stuff i would be very happy. Thank you in advance.

If you’re using vertex painting, this tutorial may help:

thank you. i havent tried yet im going to do that right now.

Thank you, Thales.

um… pressing v sends you to vertex painting mode.

I think heś trying both UV and Vertex paint. But when I vertex paint, for the Mesh in f5, I not only use ¨VCol light¨ but ¨VCol Paint¨ as well.

There is a trick to using Vertex paint, if you´re using two colors or more on your mesh. Then to get a tighter and less noticable transition between one color and the next, do a K cut near the transition point.

For example here is a Cat completely Vertex painted, and a wire to show where I did the K cut.