Painting realistic hair in GIMP?

Im doing a project for a game, i am supposed to create hair styles for the characters. i have already created one hair style, which is like long hair, just past shoulder length. Im working on painting the UV right now, the problem is that i cant get good looking straight hair in GIMP.

I tried just taking the mouse and moving left and right very fast, but it looks like the hair hasn’t been combed for months that way. I just need to get a lot of straight strands of hair easily. like with some type of brush or something, but i cant find one that does that.

please help, after i finish the UV map i have to rig the hair, then i have to do all of this 9 more times.

There’s some tutorials at

There are also tons of tutorials for Photoshop. Doing those tutorials in Gimp is usually very straight forward.

ok thanks, ill check them out :smiley:

I presume you’ve seen NateTG’s hair tut. (Get it here:

As you can see from the tut, the alpha is the hardest part. Use the brush tool in Gimp with varying Fade-Out values.

Hope this helps.

NateG is awesome. I wish I was half as good as most of you here. I do ok with a pencil, but through the 3rd D at me and I suck. I do ok following tutorials, but I think it’s like most things one becomes good at, you get to a point when the fundamentals come to you automaticly from many hours of practice…At least it was that way for me with music. I try to use music as an analogy for most things I want to learn, that way I can hold on to hope.