Painting style

How to create a style like as pictures by Zoltan Miklosi?
Very similar to the picture painted by the 2d artist.

What exactly makes them a style?
Creating textures in Photoshop / Gimp or postprocessing finished render in them?

Or use nodes?

By the looks of these what stands out to me is the Lighting. It’s probably using a strong raytracing sun lamp and possibly some other fancy global illumination or ambient occlusion stuff… lol honestly I couldn’t say exactly but I definitely think it’s the lighting that’s making it look the way it does. Probably could be achieved with just a standard 2 normal lamps, one Sun lamp with Raytracing setup.
Raytracing tends to take considerably longer to render than other lighting types which is one reason people don’t use it as much, but it’s really crucial for this kind of style with the crisp shadows and contrasting light and especially around the edges of the clothing it really gives it depth there.

Anyway that’s my guess. There might be other things involved too with nodes, but mostly it looks like a really good simple lighting setup.

Ok, thanks for your guess! Will try)
I would very much like to see more messages.