Painting textures with normals

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

I am currently struggeling with a topic that to me seems not to be very uncommon.
What I am asking myself is what is the typical workflow to texture a large object lets say a big tree.
I have handpainted a bark texture and generated the normal map for that in an other program.
So now i want to use that texture in Blender as a stamp and paint it onto the tree. But how can I get the acording normal map ive made fitting to the diffuse ? Is there a way to paint both simultanously? (i think something like that is possible with substance painter)
Or is my way to aproach this completely wrong ? What is the common workflow to do something like this ? :slight_smile:

Thanks for any advices :slight_smile:

Iโ€™ve seen a tutorial before where more attention was made on UV mapping rather than painting a texture on a tree.
The seams had to be good, and the topology even, and then undistort as much as possible. With this workaround you cannot avoid all distortions, but you can put them in places where you donโ€™t see them that obviously.

But if you go for painting a texure on a tree, I am almost certain that you have to make a normal map once finished painting the diffuse map. Put the diffuse map in a program like awesome bump or something, and generate a normal map from it.

Ahh okay thanks so far :slight_smile:
So i guess the most common workflow to get good painted textures is as you described: first paint and bake the diffuse map and after that generate normals and the other stuff from that ? :slight_smile: