Painting Textures

How do you paint textures on The gimp. After i get my UV layout saved and turned into an image, I don’t know where to start. How do you make the texture??? Help

When you saved your uv layout you will have saved it to some pixel dimensions. 500x500 or something like that. Open up gimp click new and set the pixel dimension to the same thing that you saved the uv layout to. Now also open up the uv layout with gimp, so you should have both open separately. Go to select>all from the gimp on the uv layout hit cnt+C then click on the other open window for the texture and click cnt+V. Then hit cnt+L and click the new layer button while the pasted copy is highlighted in the layer menu. Cnt+L is the shortcut to bring up the layer menu. By clicking “new” it will change your copy of the uv layout that you pasted into a new layer. Create some addition new layers below the UV layer in the stack and start painting on them good luck. Sorry if I missed a step, not looking at the program.

I understand what u r saying buy my qwuetion is What do you do to paint. How do u start ur immage with some lines and get a sweet texture out of it

here’s an overview that is up to date
be sure to check out how to make custom brushes, that is one of the most powerful features imo.

dang thats huge. Thanks for the info. I think it will help.

yeah it’s a massive program, don’t forget to check out the scripts and plugins, which allow it to do yet more stuff.

you can also start with a simpler texture paint by using Blender’s built-in texture painting program. see