Painting/texturing unconnected meshes seamlessly

Hey, all.

I need an advice on how to seamlessly paint/texture meshes that are not connected, though intersect.

As you can see, I have a hexagonal map, that I want textured as terrain, and then I align mountains with it, textured with mountain texture. Two meshes are not connected, so there are ugly seams there. Is there any way to connect the meshes geometry, so I can paint them properly, or somehow paint the meshes as they are, to make it look seamless?


pic of seams?

This, more or less. For it to look more natural I’d probably need to blend/mix the terrain texture into the lower parts of the mountain.

you would have to use projection painting(set up 2 uv’s) or bake to a 2nd image

Well projection painting will still be problematic, because 2 meshes do not connect. Question is, is there any tool that can connect the meshes and get rid of extra vertices? Then I can easily project paint.

If this is good enough concerning seams…

Join hex and ant objects, select all and use Intersect (Space bar search) Self Intersect, option on toolshelf.
L select bottom cut-off vertices, delete. Remove doubles.

Thanks, it works nicely, but the behavior is somewhat inconsistent in regard to hagaxons on the map. Sometimes it places new vertices on the hex face without splitting the face, sometimes it splits the face and I end up with weird 100+ vertices faces. This screws UV map badly :frowning:

Another problem is that I actually need those original hexes for raycasting, to identify the field I’m clicking on in game. I have a custom property on the hexes with field ID, so removing or changing the face will cause problems as well.

It seems like the best solution would be to connect the two together as in getting rid of the hexagon floor and maybe extruding the edges of the mountain plane outward. I know this will create more verts. but that’s all I can kinda see at the moment if you want the texture to blend nicely with the ground. May I ask is this for a video game or just a scene in blender?

It is for a game. I’ve written addon in blender that randomly generates the hexagon map and all kinds of terrain. Hexagons are needed for user to be able to select the fields. I have a set of mountain models, random model is selected and aligned with randomly selected hexagons on the map.

Basically, the intersection works, but it creates weird faces with 100+ verts, when it tries to connect little faces on mountains with large hexagon face. And they look kinda ugly when I try to unwrap them.


Looks a bit better when I triangulate those faces, but still weird.


Perhaps I should subdivide the hexagons couple of times to make the faces of hexagon and mountain model more or less equal size for intersection to work better?

Not too sure, I would say just hide the seams maybe by adding other geometry such as large and small rocks and things around it. I know a lot of game devs. do this when creating levels or else it would be to obvious and plain. Since your randomly generating mountains and other things within the landscape I think this could help if you had something to hide the seams. It would be okay I guess like the pic above if you just combined the mountain with the hexagon plains and just paint the texture seamlessly.

Yep, sounds like a plan, thanks!

My view will also be kinda strategic map, top view, so I hope the seams won’t be too noticable. Guess I’ll just paint the edges of the mountains with ground texture and it should blend, if observed from top view.

Thanks everyone, again.