Painting the Golem

Hi, everyone!

I’m a little nervous about sharing my efforts where so many people really know what they’re doing, but here goes!

This, like a lot of the things I do in Blender, is an illustration of something from my homebrew Pathfinder RPG campaign setting. Here we see a priest in the process of creating a golem. Eventually the priest will have robes, the golem will have a support frame, there’ll be a proper background and all that good stuff.

The initial body meshes are from MakeHuman, but details have been (and continue to be) added by me. The priest has three props; hat, brush and cane. I’ve tried to get a decent composition together, although it may be tweaked along the way.

Oh, and it’s Cycles GPU rendered, low quality settings.

looks like a good start…Keep us posted as you create your scene.

I haven’t had a lot of time over the last few weeks, which has been very frustrating, but I’ve finally made some progress.

Cotton robe, embroidered velvet sash. Cloth simulations were used to get the hang right :slight_smile: