Painting weights in blender in a dense mesh...almost impossible

Hi guys,
I’m new to Blender and I like it a lot. I’ve been using it for some months and in many subjects its really amazing, but I’m struggling to death :confused:with the skinning.
I’ve been trying to paint weights in a dense mesh, something that I’ve been doing for many years in other softwares but it seems to be impossible to achieve a good skin deformation.
I’m not totally sure about what could be the reason that makes it so hard, but there is something related with the viewport and the brushes.
To me the point of “painting weights with brushes” is not for low res geometry, its for a dense mesh.
After a month of many attempts I have found some problems: Its very easy to paint unwanted areas ,vertices behind…etc… and the blur brush only blends the values of the vertices that are inside of your brush. It should blend the values that are inside of your brush but taking into consideration the values of the vertices that are outside of the brush as well…
I would like to know if someone has achieved a good skinning in a dense mesh?, because all the information I’ve found is using “meshes as cages” which is a pretty nice solution but not for what I need.
Any help would be much appreciated. (maybe some tutorial…)

Thank you very much.:slight_smile:

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