Painting With Polygons examples(NPR)

Great images. Especially the one with the robot… mmmm… awesomeness!

Very nice. Colorful images!!
What do you mean painting with polygons?


looks great. Do you have a setup for blender by any chance?

i like your first image RONIN. can you shiow me the setup you used. I really want to use this technique. do you know if there is a tuton

Left a reply and link to the thread that shows you how us Blenderheads applied it to blender3d a couple years ago, up above in my last post.

well, the Motion Blur trick is only really necessary for animations. But yeah, unmixed output of motion blur frames would be wonderful.

…and the images look great:)

Thank you.
I like photorealism and all, but I love the painted look a lot more. With all the bells and whistles in these s3d softwares, I always thought in was possible. In the process of making Giclee canvas prints with this technique. So the look should turn out pretty well.

Appreciate the kind words.
It’s funny when you look at the the renders in action. The meshes are all distorted and abstract sometimes. Unmixed output might be possible by rendering across the timeline eg. 1-16 frames with or without motion blur on, and set the passes to just 1.
Just thinking of it in my head. Have not tried this.

Wow. You really did capture the look and style of a painting. I’m impressed.


Thank you:)

Posted up a blend that I use to start of this technique with.If anyone is interested.
Made in 2.63.

Thanks very much for blend RONIN.

Here is my result that I got using a script, as I couldn’t figure out original method.