Painting with polygons


I am very interested in painting with polygons but can’t seem to find any tutorial, or find plenty but all are old and broken links. Could anyone tell me how to achieve that?

What I want to do is to have 3d character render as if was painted in impressionist style.

BTW blender 2.8 is amazing!!

If I’m not wrong you are looking for something like this.

Here is something on BlendSwap from Ben Simonds maybe this can help. :slightly_smiling_face:

You are exactly right, exactly this video :slight_smile:

Thank you, i will check it! :slight_smile:

So, it seems its very old version of Blender, I am not very skillfull with Blender so I couldint figure it out :frowning:

I tried to redo same things he made (most likely didint do it good) in 2.8 but just didint get same effect.

Is it material i should be looking into or composition? And what nodes should i be using or settings i should pay attention too? :slight_smile: My goal is to get this painting kind of effect on render :slight_smile: