Painting world sky in 3D view


I want to fix a equirectangular sky image and doing it in the image editor is tricky and i cant get rid of the seams and paint the top correctly. I wonder if there’s a way to paint world texture in 3D view?


you want it seamless? if you have photoshop, add it inn there, and go to Filter, Other, Offset, and set the ofset to half of the resolution value.

so if its a 2000x1000 image, then offset it by 1000x500.

then simply fix the seam and offset it again.
this should make it seamless.
if you dont have photoshop, send me the image and ill do it for you.

Thank you, but Im looking just for a solution to do it efficiently because I will have more images like this. Also, caps (top and bottom) are impossible to paint on the equirectangular image in PS/Gimp.
I saw people converting equi to cubemap and painting over it and then back to equi, but maybe there are better ways possible, like texture paint of object, but of world image instead.