Paintings by Christina

I’ve got work on different subjects scattered around the place, mostly exercises and works in progress. I’ve decided to keep one thread to collect ‘finished’ work, finished in that I probably won’t be spending any more time on it. Some of my work is a mix of 3d and 2d so this won’t be purely traditional but there doesn’t seem to be a better place. I’ll start with something I recently posted to another thread but this one should be more ongoing.

This image was created in Photoshop. Subject is Andrej Pejic.


Environment design.


Another face.


Here’s another.


this one is better. :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: Improving slowly.

This one was done without reference.


the last one looks a little bit on the anime style(large eyes)

Since I wasn’t using reference I used the rule one eye width between the eyes and half an eye width to the side of the head. Perhaps the head needs to be a bit longer. Even when I’m working from reference my tutor says I tend to make eyes too big and nose too long.

Cristina, i like the use of color in your work, very nice. Are these all computer graphics?

Yes all computer graphics - mostly Photoshop with a bit of Painter.

i saw the painting of the castle in your other thread , the one in color, love it, ive been doing all my work the old fasion way to many years. i really enjoy seeing the perfection that can be achieved in c.g. programs like blender, sculptris and photoshop. keep up the good work !