Here is a old scene like a half a year ago…
I want to know what critiques you`ve got for me :slight_smile:

The idea came to me obviously after I painted some stuff and I let behind a mess like you can see here :slight_smile:

Great modelling and textures you got there - the lighting is also interesting :wink: but it looks very flat, because there aren’t any shiny things in the scene…

hm… thanks you for critique.
I suppose you are right :-?..
so I should increase the spec value for some focused objects? like the pallet and the pencils?
or just to add a area lamp to effect the portion i need to be shiny?

jeah, just increase the spec value for some object - the lighting is great so far…

I dont necessarily agree with the specular comment. It is more that your lighting is very flat and needs more contrast and maybe a better focus within the image as i’m not sure what i’m supposed to look at and my eyes keep wandering. If i was you I would take it into photoshop or gimp and edit the levels and curves and that would help :wink: I like your textures, keep up the good work!

Wow, that looks great!
I don’t know if you added dips in the (whatever the paint-holder thing is called) but if you did you need to increase the specularity just a little. Also, if you did, the paint marks should be in one, because right now they’re just reminding me a little of bloodstains.

It’s quite realistic, although a little bit drab. The caps on the tubes in the front are particularly realistic, as is the brush-hair.

I’d start by opening the image file in Photoshop and playing with the contrast and HSV controls (“curves”) to spread out the tonal-range of the shot. Give the sunlit areas a gentle “pop” and maybe consider a slight amount of coloration of the lights.

It’s a very exciting picture presented in an un-exciting light.

Thanks you guys for comments and suggestions :slight_smile:
I tried to play a bit with levels in gimp and with some dodge layers…
Is that better? ^^

When you look for an example of painting pallet there are lots of examples. They all have one thing in common; Colors! You need colors!

ridix has a point. Maybe some fresh, glossy, colorful paint could add the needed contrast to your image.