Paintshop pro?

How is corel paintshop pro? Was thinking about starting a Photoshop subscription but I don’t like how they want you to enter a yearly contract. $10.00/month is not bad its just I don’t like how they are selling their product.

long long time since I used PSP … have you tried Gimp ?? its free and quite powerfull

Gimp crashes on me all the time and I haven’t seen an update for it in a while. I’m willing to spend money just don’t want to start a subscription contract with someone.

For me, the only competitor for Photoshop is Photoline.
It is a very strong tool with very nice prise.

As I can see, there is new version 19 today :slight_smile:

Try Paintshop pro 7 first, its free, its the time before Corel bougth Jasc software.

I have used paint shop for 6 years. It is slow. I you have a big image it lags far behind. I think gimp can handle bigger files size. If you want to use a eraser or brush at more then 200 pixels it is very very slow. I have pro x3

Photoline for me as well. In terms of image editing it is on par with Photoshop, and the layer stack is arguably much of an improvement. For the price it is a no-brainer, and you will not find anything else on the market that can compete with it in terms of image processing power and image compositing (excepting PS and dedicated video FX software such as Fusion, etc., of course).

Combine with Krita, and you’ve got the best of both worlds - and they work well together, amending each-other where the other is weak(er) or missing functionality.

Gimp just does not compare to either Photoshop or Photoline. I do use Gimp as a plugin for Photoline (PL has an app link that pretty much converts other imaging software into a plugin of sorts) for the odd effect here and there.

We do appreciate bug reports :slight_smile: Also, a new stable release update is likely to be out soon. And, once color management improvements are done, a development release too.

PSP 7 (which I use), is old, but it’s still very reliable and has what I need to do things like denoising an image and adjusting contrast.

The only thing that would knock it back is that there might be a day where it stops working on a new version of Windows. Luckily, Photoline is really getting up there, especially with it’s new and professionally done web presence.

I just got stuck again in Paint Shop. It only uses a small amount of memory. I get a, not enough memory error. You get this error and you are out of luck. Im using 2.6 gigs of 16 gigs and my system is using alot of that. Paint Shop is very limited. If Gymp will not open a PSP file I lost my work.