Paintstorm Studio Amazing painting app

Hi all,

I found this pretty amazing fully GPU powered painting app called PaintStorm Studio.

The Brush engine is incredible detailed, the UI scalable, and it comes with some fantastic guide systems in addition.

You can get it for iOS OS X and Windows. The desktop version is around 20$ which for such an app is I would say even too cheap :wink:

It seems specifically for concept painting to be well equipped.

They even have a perspective tool that makes brushes get smaller to the vanishing point !!!

Check it out:

Looks interesting. Have you tried it? What sort of GPU is best I wonder? I cant find a list of formats it saves to… seems short of provided details…

It’s amazing, defiantly give it a try!

Looks awesome, this remind me Verve painter which was at start as a gpu benchmark tool evolved as a little paint studio :slight_smile:

I bought this last april and quickly fell in love with it. It’s still young and evolving but the updates have been frequent and it runs so smooth. I was a big fan of Painter but this one is quickly taking over as my favorite painting app.

Like I said, it’s still young. I only see psd, jpg, bmp, and png in the Save As dialog.

Oh lord I take back what I said, this looks amazing!

Reminds me of project Dogwaffle - only with a cleaner interface and better name.

I love PSS and I have been using it for some time now. Lots of my recent art was painted PSS. Developer of PSS is artist too, and it is clearly visible in his app, which is simple yet has one of the best brush engines around there. In recent update there was new ruler engine added (1,2,3 point perspective) elipse ruler (which works the way I wish it worked in other apps for a long time). And it is super cheap too.

Yeah one of the devs is an artist as well - he wrote his own engine.

This app is not like Photoshop so it has no layer effects and such or color correction.

However I never felt Photoshop was good in painting and this app for sure is.

It uses the available GPU to accelerate the tools and probably run also the UI.

I actually bought it for my iPadPro and it is ridiculously fast. The UI ah well not as easy to use as ProCreate.

For 19$ honestly you cannot expect something amazing and this software is outrageously amazing
at what it specialized on: painting.

Actually I think they are too cheap this should cost a lot more and be more present in app stores
and discussions.

I am so tired of all that Adobe is the best fan club subscription madness.

For me this app also killed SketchBookPro so far my sketching app.

Only think SKP has this app has not are copic colors.

It’ll go up just as soon as a larger player buys it out, if they don’t outright kill it.
I so totally hope that doesn’t happen, it’s a fantastic program.

On my iPad I use SketchBookPro because it has all the perspective tools. ProCreate is another app I bought because it has
a very fantastic brush engine and an perfect UI for an iPad.

But PaintStorm kills them both - it is like a full fledged desktop app put onto an iPad.

The next version that Apple only has to approve will have all the guides as well and then it I think will be the defacto standard
app for concept painting and product sketching for iOS, Their Brush engine is just mind blowing.