PAL to NTSC Converter

Hello users! Can somebody PLEASE point me in the direction of a free PAL to NTSC converter. I am at the end of the rope looking. Thank you in advance.



Yes Thats right software.

I’m not sure about any command-line or simple utilties to do this (although I’m sure that they exist somewhere). Do you have access to any kind of video editing software? That should be able to do it for you.

What platform (OS) are you running? What video formats are your files encoded in (DV avi, DV quicktime, mpg, etc.)?

its quite easy, import your clip and just set the export to ntsc…(framerate, etc.)

to some extend:
kino, cinelerra
virtualdub !! (best choice, go look for plug-ins, amazing what u can do with it!!)
and the Xp-movie-maker(lol, but can do it!)

and all plattforms:

[!]blender [!] [!] the sequenzer is pretty powerfull

just load the .avi , change the settings to 30frames p.s…done

@sp: next time give some more info in your question!
OS, what formate do u want to convert, etc., but with this software you ll be able to do so!!
btw. google is your friend…