Paladin Sword

I didnt do anything with blender since version 2.42 came out. I dont know why but i today i got insiped to make a “good” sword,i mean good like made for good,hero,evil-killing,world-saving, characters. Here is my start i need to add more details for the handle. I dont know why but i wanted to make angel wings for the guard. i used a picture for displacing. I am not tottaly satisfied with the results and i will try to reapair that part.
Comments and crits are welcome

This is supercool!!! Love the shape and stuff, you did a great job, although I would go for a higher specularity on the blade to make it shinier.

Nice sword, but I think it would be better if you actually made the wings with more accurate feathers.

I changed the wings becouse i wasnt completely satisfied of how they turned out so i changed them,herea re some details
an indigo render

I liked the wings a lot. Other than that, All I have to crit is that you should apply a wood or leather texture to the handle

Hmm… Somehow it looks blunt. I think that has to do with your edge, right now it is just a straight edge if I am not mistaken. It should be more like a slope. Not much but just a little. This will make the edge look much nicer.

Other than that I would add more details to the material and UV-map this sucker. It would look awesome with alot of sofisticated patterns.

Happy smiting!

Thanks for the replays. I tried to change the blade shape but in the end i left the blade as it was. Here are 2 new renders, i started adding detais with bump maps,hope you like the result. the first one is with wings but now i see that i will have to redo them from begining
C&C welcome

I like the design of this. One thing I notice is that the edges of the cut out seem a bit sharp, but maybe they are suppose to be.

Are those details modeled or mapped?

Keep up the good work.

Thx for the replay. If u mean by “edges of the cut” the wings i know that they are , i will make the wings from begining today and post the result.
i made the detail by uv mapping .they are not modeled. But if u are asking that it means that i did a good work with that :smiley:

i made the wingsd from begining ,this time using curves and a bump map, the result is better. I will post a bigger rez pic tomorrow or in few hours. C&C welcome

Wow, really great stuff. Your renders are photo-realisitic. I like!

Great improvement! I really like your new light setup and ofcourse the new details on your sword. I just miss the enviroment now to make it legendary.

Actually I was talking about the cut out in the blade itself. And in my case the maps do look very good although I still consider myself a noob.

Is this Blender Internal? If so what did you use as the material setting for the shaft? The gold looks very good.

this is rendered with yafray . For the materials i used the gold and silver materials from the blender material library

pretty cool work sfmanga

awsome work! Keep it up.

did you make the blade details and what not with the sculpt tool?
good work.

I didnt use sculpt for the details,i just uv mapped the blade with a black and white texture with a tribal looking pattern and than in the texture options just set it to “Nor” and played a bit with the settings there until i got the result i wanted. The blade is now more or less finished , now i just need to think of a good scene for it,i will post a render with the result