Palette Generator

Hi everyone, I want to share with you a simple addon.
I don’t know. It may be the most useless addon :smiley:
But even so, You can see all its functionality in the picture.

Palette Generator (Blender 2.8)
The script must be placed in the scripts folder (Blender Foundation/Blender2.8/…/scripts/addons)


I don’t think it’s useless at all… very helpful. Thank you.

yes this is really cool, would be even better to be able to access it via any color picker (in nodes etc…)

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The usefull thing. Thanks for sharing

Exactly! It will great to have it everytime you choose a color.
Unity has something similart and it’s great.
If you think to do it, please, add a way to save color presets.

Thanks for your feedbacks. You can easily save the palette, you need to change its name :wink:
I can add the fixation of the current colors if you meant it.
As for expanding the standard functionality of the color picker I’ll see what I can do.

Is there a way to enter a hex# or RGB value?

I updated the addon
Small changes:
paint_texture_context_menu (Right Mouse Button): add a second color and show the active palette

I think that, I can’t change the standard color picker
But I can create a palette node. It will be useful?

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Yes, I think yes. Something where save colors with preset could be useful.

beautiful addon …
if one day you will add the function to create color palettes from an image or to load color palettes generated by gimp or other software … well … mindblown!

Can i make a suggestion?

could you add the ability to add the color palette set to this W key popup?
the painter who is in me would thank you forever :grin:

… you’ve already done it!
sorry, I didn’t read the comments.

No, This button are a replacement for colors (color and secondary color) but I will make a button to generate a slightly lower


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so faaast!
thanks mate


I just tried the new function two seconds …
but it comes naturally to me … instead of overwriting the old color palette …
wouldn’t it be better to create a new color palette list?
I guess it would be nice to have max 5-6 lists …
and then be able to save a preset with all these lists generated

just a practical way while I’m painting …
I would prefer to generate new lists instead of overwriting the old ones … and in the event to trash them manually …

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Interesting add-on. :+1:
Maybe it could borrow some features:

from Color Palette Node:

  • generate random color palettes
  • invert colors in the palette
  • generate a color palette based on a reference color
  • get color palettes from
  • import Adobe palette files (.ase)
  • import GIMP palette files (.gpl)
  • import JASC palette files (.pal)
  • import palette files (.txt), more info.

from Coolorus:

  • sliders (RGB, HSV, LAB, CMYK, B/W) to precisely choose each color

hahaha poor guy we start treating requests :grin:

but it’s true, it has potential

Hi @mac7ua.

I have another feature request. :slight_smile:
Blender Shushi’s tweet says it all (It would be nice to be able to store custom gradient palettes):

Feature request also posted on

@xan2622, I made a more interesting version of the addon. But I don’t have time to finish the last 10%


Oh you know how to tease me. :wink:

Can I know anyway what the new features of this new version are?

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ANtiono already added the import functions for ASE and KPL. I was also working on something. I did do some fixes this his version, the ASE was broken and KPL had issues when a file had to many spaces. I also added CSS to the list, therefor im stripping double colors as well. I also moved the importer to below the color palette, makes more sense. Im now getting the sort color function working properly

He already had a nice thing working, not sure that sorting and moving colors didnt get in. I guess because they are thinking about the drag n drop functionality. That will be implemented in all parts where we now have those “pesky” arrow keys :wink:

This week I am working to improve #b3d Palettes management. New Up, Down and Sort buttons. Also working in Join Palettes, create from images and Import tools.

— antonioya (@antonioya_blend) November 18, 2019

This is my setup now. Imported css file :slight_smile:


I’m not grokking how this is supposed to be used: does hovering over the primary and secondary color swatches generate a new palette? Cuz that ain’t working here.

If you could give a few words on the workflow that would be appreciated. Thanks, I hope to use this in the near future. :+1: