palletized textures?

(Hirpo) #1

how the hell do i make palletized textures like in Homeworld? (you can switch the colors of your ship, that is SOO COOL!!!)

(z3r0 d) #2

Umm, sigh.

pallitized textures? Two meanings
Indexed colors, and you can change what colors the index corresponds to (interesting effect, often used in audio visulation plugins and screensavers where there is only 256 unique colors at any given point, but they cycle through other colors…) Not possible in blender (opengl can do it, but it isn’t what you want)

Being able to change the color of a vieichle… That is significantly easier.
Ever play Need For Speed 4 (high stakes), you can choose you car color there in (almost) any color imagineable. How to do it in blender:

Create your mesh, but for the faces where you want the color visible choose objcolor in the paint buttons. A texture applied to those faces will be multiplied by the object color, so if you don’t wan’t things like red door handles, or a number decal (or insignae or whatever) on the side where you have color, you should duplicate those parts of the mesh and apply alpha channel containing textures that show through where should be shown through, and don’t where shouldn’t.

(saluk) #3

Well, the parts that you want to have change color, make the texture black and white. Then use vertex colors to colorize it however you want. I think you could even use python to make some sort of slider that slides through all the colros so the user could choose.

(Pooba) #4

Here’s a demo i cooked up:

In the object ipo’s i made an color ipo wtih colR colB and colG. Then i used a play property acutor.


(saluk) #5

Nice pooba! Combining this with smartly colored textures, you can do what you are asking.

(mr_artshow) #6

-4am 21Dec02
I now this post might be a little old but, pooba how do you set the cloRBGA in IPOs i now hitting the I key sets the value, but how do I insert the key in the first place. as in like lets say I want animate ColA from solid to fade away ca you please explained that in dummy terms or at least give a link to wher I can find out how.

-11am 21Dec02
…er, OK I just got the Idea on how to…but know whe I try to do a phade anime it just blinks, i’ll keep on playing with it and see what the hek.

-1110am 21Dec02
ok Ive figured it out YAY!. so it seems that the fade line for alpha can only go phrom 0.0 to 2.0. you know after so many hours on how to figure so many things I am so glad I got this one resolved. Ive even been trying to read up on all the previouse ALPHA post and I still had’nt been able to figure out how, I guess this post wasn’t nesecary should have spent more time toying with blender. oh well