"Palmipedarium" at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival

We are happy to announce that Palmipedarium is selected at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival. It will be screened in competition for the best short film.

As a reminder, it was our first short film entirely made with Blender, here at Vanilla Seed. It is dorected by Jeremy Clapin and produced by Papy 3D

Here is the movie teaser : http://vimeo.com/42014540
And the full movie here : http://www.shortoftheweek.com/2013/05/20/palmipedarium/
(with a very nice article from short of the week)

The awards that the movie has already won :

  • Grand Prix of Multivision, Saint Petersburg Festival 2012
  • Special mention, Bruz Animation Festival 2012
  • Best International Professional Short Film Award, Brussels Anima 2013
  • Grand Prix for shorts – narrative, Utrecht’s Holland Animation Film Festival 2013
  • Honorary Mention Computer Animation/Film/VFX of Prix Ars Electronica, Linz Ars Electronica Festival 2013

And we are pleased to announce that we are just starting a new short film with Blender. We hope to start a crowd funding soon. Stay tuned!

Congratulations ! I really love your work and the ambiance you have made in this short. I wish you the best for the competition ! Apparently, Blender was a choice you don’t regret. It will be interresting to see what in Blender attract you in term of an artistic oriented production.

Sorry for my bad english :o

Félicitations à toute l’équipe, Skhizein m’avait déjà grandement plu, continuez comme ça !

Thanks for your kind words Yadoob.
We first come to Blender by frustration. Bugs were way to long to be fixed with 3dsmax. And then, we loved the rig and setup philosophy. this project needed a lot of dynamic UV projection, this was a pain to manage with 3dsmax too.
We will start a blog soon for our new project named “9, chemin des gauchoirs”

That was a really beautiful short film -love that weird character- good luck on the competition…
it would be nice to see some screen-grabs or read more info on the process

A true inspiration! Your work is pure art, and story telling (judging by the trailer). Good luck and thank you for elegantly reminding us: blender is capable of anything if true artists are at the helms!

Bravo to all involved!

Liked it very much, although I’m not that sure about the message. Maybe I need a second screening. It creates quite dense atmosphere full of expectation. It would be interesting to see something behind the scenes or a short making of.

Thanks a lot.
You can understand the film from differents points of view. My favorite is an allegory of growing up and losing the innoncence of childhood. But I’m not the director :slight_smile:

Just seen this animation through a plug on the Evermotion site. I think it deserves to be highlighted to the Blender community, it is truly excellent work. https://vimeo.com/86528386#at=0