Pan and Dolly woes in 2.54

I’m working with a scene and suddenly, I’m having problems dollying and panning in and out as I want to…

actually, it’s more with zooming in to get a close look at what I’m working on that;s the problem.

I can get only so close then it’s like I’m stuck in molasses!

anybody experience this before and know what the fix is? I have gotten as close as I wanted to previously…dunno what the problem is now.

thank you!


What I do is make a selection and hit NUMPAD ‘.’ to center it in the view. This has a way of resetting scale factors for zooming. I have to do this in other packages as well, due to the same issue. Remember that if you have one point selected, it will only center, but with 2 or more points it will center and zoom all the way in to the extents of the to points, since it has a reference to work with. I hope this fixes what you are dealing with, because it sounds like you’re running into zoom limits, and this will reset them.

OK, thank you, ajm…I’m going to have to remember this.

I did notice that the problem went away if I went to Ortho. Perspective was just brutal, but ortho seemed to be free of whatever was slowing Perspective down.

thank you!


In preferences there is options to enable/disable zoom to mouse and auto depth. They seem to help keep the view in check.

The “Noob to Pro” book talks about this limitation in the zoom feature. Look for the “Zooming” heading around the middle of the page.