Pan Locked? Please help.

:confused: For no apparent reason I’m no longer able to pan the view. At first, I thought is might be a middle-mouse-button + shift failure, but then I tried the control + numpad #. Neither option is working. So, assuming that I inadvertently set the option, I started a new blend and pan works as expected without any problems.

So, what is going on? Why is pan locked? I can only navigate by selecting an object and moving the cursor to that object, but that is really slowing me down.

Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

I just noticed that align view to selected isn’t working either. It only seems to align view to cursor. Just in case this helps identify the problem.

Thanks again.

Does it really matter that I’m using blender 2.57?

Just reload the startup file and see if anything changes for you.

Reload Factory settings is proven to be 99.9% effective against Blenderhold annoyances and pests, CLICK and the bug is gone :wink:

No good. Unless, there is a secret way to load the settings without starting a new blend? When I load factory settings, a new blend is started with the default cube; and yes the pan works, but as soon as I open my current project it fails again…

Thanks for the suggestion, anymore thoughts?

Thanks for the suggestion, anymore thoughts?

Maybe attach a blend file that demonstrates the problem you are having.

:smiley: Thank you for the hint that it is a setting issue as opposed to a bug. I kept digging and found my answer!

Using “N” hotkey I dug around and found view “Lock to Cursor” was checked. While I’m not sure how or when that happened I unchecked it and all is good. Thank you for the help.