Pan - The upcoming fight

I have been making a movie - Here is an image of the bad guy, who is soon to get in a drag out fight

If you’d like to see the scene that has him in it:

check out the whole series on youtube - dx31979

like me on Facebook (dx3 Studios) for a lot of my artwork, concepts, and a preview of a tutorial dvd I’m working on…

this character has become used in an awesome tutorial set on animating, cretaing a scene, setting up camera, adding slow motiion…

check it out, there are about 6 tutorials so far:

It’s a shame that no-one has commented on this.

I like your colour choices and cinematography, well done on making it so far!
but with a bit more polish I think you’d get more attention. I really like how full the city street is with realistic levels of traffic like that!

Are you going to revise the character animation/lip sync hair etc?

It’s a very ambitious thing!

Watching the tutorial now.

Thanks for the feedback!

I am kind of at that point where I can devote 6 months an make an awesome short - polished refined amazing, or I can (hopefully) in 6 months tell 20 to 30 minutes of an engaging story, not perhaps refined, but endearing. I guess I choose the latter, because there is too much inside me that I have to get out.

My real dream is that someone will notice this (hint hint Ton Roosendaal) and this could be developed into the next Blender open movie (imagine the robots rendered in Cycles!)

whether that happens or not , who knows…

anyways – My hands are tired from typing. I checked out your website also - you aren’t a hack either, thats for sure!

Here are some test renders from my tutorial:

All the tutorials are organized into a playlist