Panacea, the perpetual quest for the cure-all elixir.


I tried to make a sci-fi character and here is the result. Blender was used for making the character, clouds, landscape background, Krita for painting the sky and Gimp for minor post-processing. Creating this illustration was a joyful experience as I tried many new things.

Thanks for watching.

Wow, this is really good.
No uncanny valley whatsoever.

wow, really beautiful! How is the face created? Is it scanned? how much post in it?

I’m speechless. One of the best character renders I’ve seen in my life. Like a fully functional minimalistic suit with a normal person without any overcomplicated personality looks. It’s like she has a soul. The posture. Wow the posture, it’s so subtle but it tells so much.

You’ve made a masterpiece.

Wow! very beautiful. I love this kind of charaters.

Cloud City’s kinda cool too! Beautiful work, a very powerful understatement.

That is amazing!
That face seems familiar somehow.

amazing work, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Beautiful work! 5* :slight_smile:

really nice work,

Considering that the character wears kind of armor I think that the only thing I could mind is the size of its arms. They could be a little bit more massive.


Really good one! 5* from me

Mindblowing 5*

The character is very good, she looks pretty well, so great work !

5 stars me too.

Screw the elixir! That character looks awesome!

Wow! Thanks for for the comments, the rating and the top row!!:D:D
@Bernardo: The head was made with polygonal modeling. After that details were sculpted. The diffuse texture was hand painted, however photographs were used for color picking. In post, eye reflections were changed.

Those might be cybernetic arms and limbs. It’s a sci-fi character - who knows?

This is very nice. Is there any chance you can post some close up’s of the face? Maybe some more about the texture mapping process?

@Indy_logic here is a closeup, the first one is the final then the diffuse-only and finally the normal map.

Beautiful !

Thanks for those CUs, the skin work is nothing less than spectacular. Eyes ain’t bad either lol.