Panama Engine

beginning work on a new game engine. very basic atm, along with basic controls. more to come.

This section is for the bge, and games made for/with the bge.

This is a game… didn’t you try the download?
The game is hard to comment on because it is just starting though.

Zymn, you are mistaken in calling this an engine. BGE is the engine, this is a game.

He will even be mistaken calling this a game.

why should I have reason to download it when he didn’t tell me what it was in the first place. He clearly stated it was a game engine.

It isn’t a game engine. It is a dynamic cube with arrow keys.

use common sense maybe :rolleyes:
does it make sense that he made a “game engine” with a few basic controls, or that he made a game engine at all?

wow, this game engine is only 146kb

sorry everyone. i was in a hurry when i posted that… umm… its made with the BGE. i’ve had an idea about real-time dust for a while, and i finally made a basic idea of it. i might make a game, who knows…

Sure it is…

well the dust should always have alpha and face the camera

face the camera?..
not if you’re rotating…

egh… is this some discussion about how to do cool atmospheric particle effects that looks like smoke, dust and steam?
in that case, I’d like to subscribe to this thread and post retarted but interesting replies.
The Blender Game Engine doesn’t render particles but planes/triangles with a cool texture mapped onto it that has an alpha channel.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but the awesome atmospheric particle effects in Crysis aren’t possible yet.
Unless the 2D Filters make this possible, but I think it’s only suited for full-screen effects (bloom, DOF, etc.).

- AniCator