panasonic camcorder

hi guys I have similar camcorder at home then I could check details very closely ,materials are basic procedural textures as snowflake carpaint.textures are simple mask I used for mixing colours .I did short animation as well .I used street render farm and rendered half of it for free

Im guessing you added a light to the side of the camera where the glossyness/ glare was very intense.

It’s nice. the shaders are great and great how you applied the words/ textures. very authentic.

really great work.

thx guys ,lights are basic studio cold,warm,and one on side for that glossy,in copositor I add fog glow ,material is carpaint with snoflake ,steel material are two glossy nodes mix by stretched noise texture and same texture I used for bumb map

Really nice and detailed! Good job :slight_smile:

Great model and the textures are so well done. I love all the details. The subtle bump maps are perfect. That strap looks great too. You really nailed it, awesome work.

Very nicely done.

Steve S

Now I can write after several minutes admiring your work. Excellent!
Just curious, how long you had taken to complete this design? (I am not referring to the render time)

thx guys It took me two days to create model and textures masks in gimp,I think is more difficult to create good looking material and set that all for render and tweak it ,I render that all as raw openexr render images and composite that after I had better control on final look

Well done!

one more wireframe

Really Good! I like!