Panavia Tornado

Hi guys, this is my last work, the multi role combat aircraft Tornado.
Modeling in Blender 2.65 and 2000 passes in Cycles.
A little postpro in Photoshop (lens flare)
Bye :slight_smile:

This is updated render (without post-production)


Hello, I am wondering how did you render smoke in Cycles?

Hi PureFuzzion,
actually the smoke is rendered in Blender Internal in another layer: in the Output Panel of Render, choose PNG format and RGBA, so it saves alpha information.
Then, in the compositor, I used AlphaOver node to merge the aircraft made in Cycles and the smoke made in BI.
Hope it helps you!

I made the lens flare with the compositor, then… no postpro.

Yes, the lens flare on the bottom picture looks much better!

I think so :wink:
Thanks Witold

Great modeling, but background is uniform if you have time try somethink like this
red to blue or with blue sky with gradient colours, maybe some direct light from right. You can render model with alpha and do compositing in Photoshop or GIMP

Good railight, thank you!
But, why direct light from right? The sun is on the left, behind the aircraft.
I’ll try :wink:

It’s not good idea when the camera is pointing directly toward a source of light this is called Contre-jou and if you have such power source like sun you must have much darker areas from the right, keep light sources to 45 degrees from the camera to achieve good shadows.

P.S If you want classic Contre-jou you must define much stronger contrast between light and dark to creates silhouette of the plane.

Thanks for the clear explanation

Well the modeling and textures look good, but lighting could use some work as mentioned.

Hi guys! I tried… :eyebrowlift2: