Panda 3D

Hi everyone. I’m a noob at the BGE but have decided to learn by doing. I’ve started building/making/designing a toon-like fps, but have a few questions. In an effort to learn python, I came across ‘Panda 3D’ which looks pretty good. On top of that there is a Blender export/import available (if I read it right). Has anyone used Panda, whats it good for?

Oh yeah.

Panda 3d is neat and if nothing else, excellent for protoyping. You can code cg shaders and have quite a bit of control over pretty much everything through Python. I’m not a game engine type, but if I was, I would play with the Blender Game Engine and Panda 3D.


Panda is quite a nice game engine. There are some impressive demos and games made with it. i was toying with it about a year ago, and the tutorials are very well written. Not quite as streamlined as the BGE or crystalspace work flow with blender.

Which of the available engine’s would mesh well with Blender? Would crystal be the best choice? is currently working with the crystalspace team developing a nice game, soon there will be an official version released, so you can try it out.

I believe Blender and CS will have a pretty seamless pipeline. Just model in Blender and instantly test it in CS. Heck you won’t have to leave Blender at all.