Panda in a Cup

Hi I’m not that new to Blender but is still a noob. This is a project I am working on. Its simply a cartoon panda in a cup. I’m working on the fur. I’m pretty satisfied with it. Lighting is not final. Did your Blender crashes when you use ray shadow on fur when strand render is off?


Well, I just finished. Used cycles render in the end. My first time using it. It was awesome.


don’t call it finished yet, some tips.

  1. add a background. necessary for compositions.
  2. try and add some story to the image.
  3. also play with the camera angle and lighting.
    although i would say that your materials are pretty good for a first time cycles. cute panda also, can it smile a bit more?

panda looks very cute

reflections in the eyes look kinda weird I guess