Panda Teddy Bear

Hello everyone!
Here is my latest project, a Panda teddy bear based on a real one:

I didn’t use any reference images for this one.
Rendered in cycles, where I tried for the first time the strand rendering.
(Note: My computer really couldn’t handle more segments for the hair particles.)

Feel free to leave any feedback, comments, critics and questions.



Other Angle:

This is amazing, Johnathan! These images look just like they’re painted; how did you achieve this? Is it all done in Cycles, or did you have to do some compositing to obtain the look?

The lighting of the bear is also good, I like the greenish side light you’ve added. The chaotic look of the particles is kind cool and goes well with the painted look, I feel. Terrific work!

I also want to know how you achieved this painted effect. Usually hair particles that out of order look terrible, but not in this case. I think you may have come up with your own style.

Thank you for the kind words and the feedback, James Candy and Robert Banks!
It’s all cycles, not any post-processing.
I actually wasn’t going for a “painted” look, but I was going for a kind of specific style (I don’t exactly know how to explain it) but I could say that it shares some concepts with a “painted” style.
You would still wonder what is the technique that I did to achieve this results, so I will say that it’s all in the hair particles and their editing, the tranclucent material, as well as the lighting. Another very important factor, in my opinion, is having at least some real world references in mind, and I don’t mean a photo, but something that you have, or had in the past, in front of you. As I said, the model is based off a real Panda teddy bear, so I had a clear “vision” of what I was doing from the first moment, if I may say so.

Back to the technical part.
The model is lit “3-point-lighting” style. Key and Fill lights are just a little yellow-orange and the Rim/Back light is turqoise.
There are two hair particle systems: one with very thin hairs and one with very thick ones.
I didn’t know a lot about about hair particles, but I knew that you could edit them in Particle Edit Mode. So I jumped there and started experimenting with all the different tools. The main ones I used were the Comb, the Puff and the Smooth. I also used the Add, the Cut and the Lenght but not as much. So I basicly used all the brushes, but with a specific task in mind. I did it in a way so that the “twisting” and the randomness would be obvious, as in the real teddy bear.

The reason for which it looks like a “painted” style, is, in my opinion, that first it features lines, like you would see from a brush, and second that as I said, the way I formed the particles suites the way I would paint them if I did so on paper.

For the lack of compositing, I will say that I considered it, but I found that it didn’t really need any.

Anyway, this was my try at explaining what was going through my mind during this project.

I would like to showcase in a better way the particle system stuff and my workflow, but I really don’t have the time currently.
Maybe in the future if anybody wants more details.

For now, here is a short demonstration of different stages of the model/particle system:

By the way, you both mentioned the “out-of-order” and “chaotic” look of the particles and how it fits the overall look, so I would like to add that, with real world parameters and references in mind, you could maybe create order out of chaos. Possibly.

Thanks for reading this… :slight_smile:

P.s.: Robert Banks, I’d like to say that “coming up with my own style” would be quite an achievement, as it is the definition of creativity, so thanks again for your comment.


Wanted to test how the tranclucency looks with only two blue and turqoise area lamps from the back:

That’s really cool, I didn’t realize you could “puff” hair particles, or even that you could give them a translucent material (I’ve got practically no experience with hair in Blender). Thank you for the detailed explanation!

As Robert said, it’s certainly got a style or a look all it’s own. I’m surprised there aren’t more comments!

The thread thumbnail is still my favorite image of the group; very cute!

It’s been a long time, but I got a new fast computer, so I decided to render a new image with depth of field this time, and I liked it.
Click the image for high resolution (1920x1080):


I rendered a camera animation of the panda to see it in motion.