Pandea (WIP included)

Hi there, this is a personal project that I started last year, I was very grateful to have the concept artist (PandeaWork) to give me guidance during the final stages of the render and advice from my photography Friend (Liam Chellew) for giving me lighting tips, the final result would not have look this good without them. Please enjoy!

Link to better quality on Artstation:

Link to Concept artist’s Pixiv page (He posts mostly on Pixiv, warming NSFW content):

Link to Concept artist’s Artstation Page:


Work from early stages to near the end result


Outstanding work!

Is this based on this piece, perhaps?

The modelling looks great, but that hair style+colour keeps getting my attention - it seems perfect for that style of art/character.

The model looks fantastic. I really like how the lighting brings out the attention to detail in folds.

when the 3D model looks better than the concept art, you’re onto something.

Coolio. Is the girl’s body sculpted, or this is subdivision poly modeling? (I’m pretty sure the clothing is sculpted, but the body is so clean I can’t tell one way or the other.

SOmething seems off with the leggs and where they join, is it cause of the pose?

Nice character work!

Absolutely incredible!

Nice work!!

Ya, the legs were somewhat troublesome, I had made changes to it and the Original Artist did help me point out the mistakes, I guess I did not improve it enough. Thank you, I will take notice of this next time I model characters

Thanks dude, I wouldn’t have made it look so good with some of the tips from the original Artist (Jimmy Pan)

Yep, I asked permission from the artist to model this character

Thank you very much, the clothes are sculpted then I baked into displacement maps, the face is modeled by moving polygons, I know…I should learn how to sculpt faces.

Thank you very much, Lighting is actually not my specialty, in fact, my weakness

Beautiful work!

Really liked it!

Every few weeks I see great images like this in the Blender galleries or even on the cover of magazines like 3D Artist.

It’s always extremely nice work, but how come no one ever animates these characters?

That i simply amazing sculpting, beautiful